Talk To Your Customers

Deliver real time personalized communication through a secure and reliable messaging system supporting SMS, USSD, Shortcodes, IVR and Social channels

Bulk SMS

Reach thousands of your customers with the click of a button from your computer or mobile phone to your customers and staff phones in seconds. We ensure a secure, reliable and quick channel that gets your communication to your customer on time.


USSD messaging provides longer interaction sessions than Short Code messaging and by far more responsive. Roamtech provides you with a platform to provide communication that is session based which can be triggered by you as the corporate company or by the user who is your customer.

Short Codes

Two-way messaging allows your customers to reply to your SMS messages. These are 6-digit numbers that can be tied to your company for easy identification by you customers. Excellent for feedback, queries and surveys

Premium SMS

Build and deliver content to your customers either on demand or via subscription with our premium sms service


Get reviews about your products or services and make data-driven decisions. Run surveys and get to know how your services affect your bottomline.